'I travel a lot and connect with squash coaches all over the world; I can genuinely recommend Squash Passion, both for their professional approach to scheduling and for their skillful, personable and stretching coaching'

Conall Platts - CEO

'After taking up lessons with Squash Passion I am beginning to appreciate the game more than I have ever known before'

Deborah Ng - Seminar Trainer

'I would recommend Phil to anyone looking to improve their game. Having played squash very regularly for a number of years and at university, I found that my game had reached a plateau and was a little frustrated at lack of progress. Phil very quickly overhauled my technique and brought significant improvements through his expert and methodical approach, with a close attention to detail, rapidly identifying existing weak spots or developing bad habits. He also made the sessions extremely enjoyable and challenging.'

Jack Mozely

'Squash Passion has enhanced my game enormously. The results achieved in a short period of a few weeks were fantastic. I am very, very happy with the coaching I received and can wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who is considering taking up lessons'

Tomas Antonelius - Commercial Manager

'Phil at Squash Passion really helped me to create a solid foundation for my game. His understanding of squash fundamentals has been one of the key reasons for the improvements I have made. Anyone who has the opportunity to receive advice or coaching from him will benefit tremendously from his wealth of experience in the game'.'

Samuel Kang - Singapore's first ever Australian Open Champion (U-19) 2009

'The difference Squash Passion has made to my game in a short time is more than I would have improved in years without their coaching.'

Roger Winter - Engineer

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